Wedding Photography

Bonnie + Ben

He makes you crazy when he’s there crazy when he’s not. She gets you hot under the collar for all the right reasons. He steals your bed space and your tooth brush. She can’t decide where to go or what to wear but you’re not fussed as long as you’re together. He’s such a big kid yet such an incredible dad. She’s strong feisty and independent yet still melts into your arms for support. He’s your best friend, she’s the centre of your world and finally you are husband and wife.
— Cassandra Miller - Photographer

James + Jamie

When he looks at her the world around settles to a whisper, he giver her his all because she is his everything. In his eyes is her entire world, everything she could dream for. They have eachother and this is all they need. James and Jamie you were made for one another, may your love be strong, be bold and be brave. I wish you an enternity together because forever will never be enough,
— Cassandra Miller

Kloe + Sam

When you really know some one you understand where they’ve come from and support who they are striving to be. Your connection is honest and true built on years of trust. You look to their eyes to confirm what your heart already knows highly aware of the subtle tells that only you understand , you help a smile blossom , steady a shakey hand and unburden them when their heart is heavy.
You are friends, lovers and now husband and wife
— Cassandra Miller - Photographer